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3 Tenors and a Pianist get entangled with lots of musical  humor and pronounced "tenoralic" capers , eccentricities and confusions, fisticuffs and jealousies - and present to you a self mocking insight into the profound difficulties of being a Tenor.

As you may know, Tenors are vain and dumb!
Tenors are also Divas!
Is it prejudice or the simple truth?

Operettts presents an unexspected cocktail of Cabaret and Operetta uniting world Hits like "You are my hearts delight", "Comrades, live is worth to live" or "The women march" with cabaretic elements, slapstick and lots of irony.

Never before there was a program played with great composers like Strauß, Lehár, or Kálmán, which offers to young and forever young an amusing evening, which doesn't demand anything else but being royaly entertained.

Operettts was created in 2006 as the first, worldwide unique Operetta Cabaret.Operettts performed until 2012 with ernormous suxcess at the Vienna Volksopera and will have its english world premier in September 2017 in Toronto / Canada.

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